SpaceX Falcon9 Rocket  Ready To Launch

& Dragon Capsule Is

Harware That will Launch

The first-ever all-private astronaut mission to the International Space Station has made its way to the pad.

At NASA's KSC IN florida

On Tuesday (April 5), SpaceX rolled the Falcon 9 rocket & Dragon capsule will fly the Ax-1 mission out to Launch Pad 39A

Houston Company Axiom Space

Ax-1 is scheduled to lift off on Friday. It will send three paying customers and a former NASA astronaut for an eight-day stay.

Russia's Federal Space Agency

specifically, employees of Roscosmos, Russia's federal space agency.  will therefore blaze a new trail.

Launched Date Changed

Ax-1's launch had been targeted for Sunday (April 3), but pushed back due to Artemis 1 moon mission

Another Crewed Dragon Mission

SpaceX has another mission coming up — Crew-4, it is currently scheduled to launch from Pad 39A on April 20.

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