SpaceX Has Launched the  into Orbit

First-Ever ‘Crypto Satellite'

After Delivering The Crypto-1

Satellite to low Earth orbit (LEO) for Cryptosat, a U.S. satellite startup

The First

Stage of the Falcon 9 used in the mission returned to land intact.

The Satellite, Which Is About

The size of a coffee mug and was launched alongside 58 other spacecraft, is made of readily available parts.

CubeSats, Microsats

Non-deploying hosted payloads, and orbital transfer vehicles" are among the options.

Bad Actors Can't Get To The Satellite

Because it's in orbit, but it's also more difficult to work with in case something goes wrong than on Earth.


"You just open a terminal and debug it," as Cryptosat co-founder Yan Michalevsky put it.

Nasa’s Metal Asteroid  7 Weeks

Mission’s Launch Delayed