Spacex Installs New  Super Heavy Booster

‘Raptor 2’ Engines on

SpaceX Has Begun Installing New

‘Raptor 2’ engines on Super Heavy Booster 7 after the prototype completed a range of tests and returned to the company’s South Texas ‘Starbase’ rocket factory.

SpaceX Transported Booster 7 (B7)

In the opposite direction, returning the 67-meter tall rocket to Starbase’s orbital launch site (OLS) after it was forced to head back to the factory for repairs.

SpaceX Dove Headfirst Into

The process of verifying that the booster had been returned to full health and immediately filled its tanks to the brim

With At Least

3000 tons (>6.5M lb) of liquid nitrogen and oxygen – better known as a cryogenic proof test.

Less Than 48 Hours After

Completing its first post-repair test, Booster 7 sailed through another full cryoproof test without losing a beat.

SpaceX Moved An In-Situ Raptor

Engine installation stand towards Booster 7 and the orbital launch mount shortly before testing restarted

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