Spacex Launches Three  36 Hours

Falcon 9 Rockets in

SpaceX has successfully

 completed three Falcon 9 launches in just over 36 hours

In February, shortly after

 a NASA oversight panelist revealed that SpaceX was targeting 52 launches in 2022

CEO Elon Musk confirmed

 that the company’s goal was for “Falcon [to] launch about once a week” throughout the year.

SpaceX’s successful

 completion of three launches in 36.5 hours is merely an extension of that feat.

In the same four-week

 period at the end of 2021, SpaceX completed three of those six launches in 69 hours.

Two months later, SpaceX

 did it again, launching three Falcon 9 rockets from all three of its Falcon launch pads in 67 hours.

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