SpaceX President  for Criticizing Elon Musk

Terminates Employees

News Broke That Some SpaceX

Employees have written an open letter criticizing CEO Elon Musk’s behavior on Twitter. 

The Employees Have Been

Terminated by SpaceX President, Gwynne Shotwell, explaining the rationale behind the company’s decision. 

The Open Letter Argued That

SpaceX is not living up its “No Asshole” and zero-tolerance sexual harassment policies due to Elon Musk’s behavior.

The Open Letter Demanded

That SpaceX should “publicly address and condemn Elon’s harmful Twitter behavior,” among others.

The Letter Read

“Elon’s behavior in public sphere is frequent source of distraction & embarrassment for us, particularly in recent weeks,” 

Several Employees Complained About

The open letter beacuase the intiative made them feel “uncomfortable, intimidated and bullied, and/or angry

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