SpaceX Wins FCC Approval  to Moving Vehicles

to Connect Starlink Satellites

Eleven Months After SpaceX

Submitted several applications, the FCC has given the company permission to connect moving vehicles

Now All US Starlink Users Will

Be able to use Starlink service from their Starlink terminals (dishes) while in motion on any land, sea, or air-based vehicle.

For the Many Consumer and

Enterprise customers already experimenting with mobile Starlink service or using SpaceX’s new RV roaming service

Ability to Use Starlink in Motion

Should add even more potential use-cases and benefits and generally expand the service’s viability and competitiveness

Because Starlink’s Performance

Even when struggling – beats virtually all other satellite internet providers, the addition of in-motion use makes it best.

SpaceX Currently Has More Than

2400 Working Starlink satellites in orbit, almost 2000 of which are operational and serving half million existing customers. 

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