SpaceX begin launching  satellites in July

new ‘shell’ of Starlink

SpaceX could begin launching

 the fourth of five orbital ‘shells’ of its first Starlink constellation as early as July

SpaceX applied for communications

 permits known as “special temporary authority” licenses or STAs for a launch known as “Starlink Group 3-1”

“Group 3” refers to one of

five orbital “shells” that make up SpaceX’s 4408-satellite first-generation Starlink constellation.

Each shell can be thought of

 more or less as, well, a shell – a thin layer of satellites more or less evenly distributed around the entire sphere of the Earth

3168 (~72%) of

4408 Starlink Gen1 satellites are assigned to just two of those five shells

And those two shells are

where SpaceX has almost exclusively focused since it began operational Starlink launches in November 2019.

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