SpaceX's Giant Crane to  Florida Launch Tower

Assemble Starship’s First

SpaceX has begun staging and

 assembling parts of a giant crane it will soon need to stack Starship’s first East Coast launch tower and install other major launch pad components.

The presence of the base

 of that crane at SpaceX’s NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Launch Complex 39A was visually confirmed

Four days later, Teslarati photographer

Richard Angle observed more major crane components on their way to Pad 39A, including the crane’s cabin.

More likely than not,

 the crane SpaceX or its contractor has begun assembling at 39A is a Liebherr LR 11350

The same kind of crane

 the company used to assemble Starship’s first orbital launch site and tower in South Texas.

In fact, given how few

 LR 11350s there are in existence, it’s entirely possible that it’s the exact same crane.

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