Spring Meteor Shower 

To Peak On April 21

The Dark Sky Preserve At...

Port Crescent State Park will be the place to be for stargazers during the third week of April as the annual Lyrid meteor shower hits its peak.

The Lyrid Shower Can Usually

Be spotted in the north-northeastern sky from April 16 to April 25, peaking late on April 22 and into the early morning hours of April 23

At Its Peak

The Lyrids will usually produce between five and 20 meteors per hour.

Mike Murray, Astronomer And...

Planetarium manager at the Delta College Planetarium in Bay City, said this year's Lyrid shower peaks late on the evening of April 21.

According To NASA, Lyrid Shower

Is one of the oldest known meteor showers, with the first recorded sighting dating back to 687 B.C. by the Chinese.

Known For Their Bright And...

Fast meteors, the Lyrids have been known to produce up to 100 meteors per hour.

Absolute Unit! The Largest  Headed Our Way

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