Starbase orbital duo preps  Starship Progress 

for Fire campaign – KSC

SpaceX’s Starbase is heading into

 its latest phase of milestones for Starship, with the high likelihood the FAA is close to approving a critical checkpoint

for its rapidly reusable

 launch vehicle, paving the way for the orbital launch attempt of Booster 7 with Ship 24.

Ship 24 is currently

 without engines, allowing proof testing to clear the path toward a Static Fire attempt.

The latest test this week, with S24

 moved to Pad A to be placed on the mount with the Thrust Rams, which simulate thrust loads on the aft of the vehicle.

Pad A has been outfitted

 with six thrust rams, which will connect to the six Raptor engine mounts.

When the vehicle is pressurized and

loaded with liquid nitrogen, these will push on the engine mounts, simulating the thrust of six Raptor engines firing.

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