Taking Out the Trash on the

International Space Station

Private Space Company Nanoracks

Has announced the successful first test of a new technology to get rid of trash from the International Space Station.

The International Space Station

May seem glamorous, but astronauts aboard the orbital outpost still have to take out the trash.

On July 2, an Engineered Trash Bag

Holding 172lbs of ISS garbage was jettisoned from the space station and sent to its fiery doom in Earth’s atmosphere.

Nanoracks’ Bishop Airlock Manager

Waste collection in space has been a long standing, yet not as publicly discussed, challenge aboard the ISS.

This Was the First Open-Close Cycle

Of the Bishop Airlock, our first deployment, and what we hope is the beginning of new, more sustainable ISS disposal operations

Indeed, the ISS

Has a trash problem. Astronauts currently store their garbage inside of resupply vehicles,

Engineers Scramble to  Moon-Bound Spacecraft

Restore Contact with