Tesla Begins Trimming  Hourly Employees

Salaried Positions for

Tesla Has Started Trimming 

Some of the positions as a part of Elon Musk’s plan to cut 10 percent of the company’s salaried workforce.

With the Cuts, Tesla Will Be

Able to hire more hourly employees that will be responsible for electric vehicle and battery manufacturing.

CEO Elon Musk Sent an Email

To employees earlier this month stating that some executive positions would be eliminated.

It Was a Part of Musk’s Plan

To eliminate remote work from Tesla’s employment strategy, but the CEO still intended to increase the headcount of its hourly employees.

Musk Wrote in the Email

“Tesla will be reducing salaried headcount by 10%, as we have become overstaffed in many areas,”

A Report from Business Insider

Shows that at least fourteen Tesla executives have stated on LinkedIn that their positions have been eliminated. 

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