Tesla Causes Almost 70%  Crashes In USA

of Level 2 Driver-Assist

Tesla Vehicles Accounted

For almost 70% of reported crashes involving Level 2 driver-assist systems in the United States since June 2021

However, NHTSA Officials

Have warned that no conclusions about the systems’ safety should be drawn just yet. 

The NHTSA Noted

That the data — which is the first of its kind — does not have proper context yet.

It Does Not Take into Account

The number of vehicles with Level 2 driver-assist systems that automakers have made, the number of cars on the road, or the distance traveled by the vehicles. 

It Is Thus Only Meant to Be a Guide

To identify possible defect trends and help determine if advanced driver-assist systems are actually improving safety. 

As per the NHTSA’s Report

A total of 392 crashes were reported. Among this number, Tesla vehicles accounted for 273 accidents.

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