Tesla Continues to Tease  Across the U.S.

Us All with Semi Sightings

Tesla Is Continuing

To tease everyone excited about its upcoming Class-8 heavy-duty electric truck, the Semi.

The Truck Has Now Made Its Third

Appearance this week, and despite CEO Elon Musk’s plead for patience regarding the company’s product roadmap, 

The Semi Is Making More

Appearances more often, perhaps shifting at a change in tune in the vehicle’s production timeline.

Semi Was Sighted 3 Previous Times

This week: Twice on public roadways and once in Teslarati’s coverage of the truck being tested along with Megachargers

The Semi Was Spotted at Gigafactory

Texas’ Cyber Rodeo, and other sightings have been on roads between Fremont and Giga Nevada or at company events.

The Newest Sighting

Took place earlier this week at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, MI.

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