Tesla Staring Down  Shanghai Lockdown

40,000 Lost EVs Due To

For The First Time

 Tesla Inc. has hit a real production snag in China.

The Electric Carmaker’s Shanghai Plant

Its first outside the U.S., has had output suspended for almost three weeks due to lockdowns in China’s financial heart.

At A Run Rate Of About

 2,100 cars a day, that’s around 39,900 units lost since the lines fell silent on March 28.

All Chinese Automakers May Have

 to halt production in May if shutdowns persist in the Shanghai area, according to He Xiaopeng, chief executive officer of electric-vehicle firm Xpeng Inc.

The Lockdown, Now In Its

third week, has battered the economy and stalled production, prompting Premier Li Keqiang to warn about economic-growth risks multiple times.

Austin, Texas-Based Tesla Made

305,000 vehicles in the fourth quarter globally, so a loss of around 40,000 cars is about 13% of that

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