The SpaceX Ax-1 Mission  Assembling Tech to Try Out

Has Futuristic Self-

SpaceX Launched The First

Fully private mission to the International Space Station, but the newly minted astronauts won't just be playing tourists in orbit.

Instead, They'll Be Conducting

A number of experiments, including a state-of-the-art building technique that could inform how future space stations come together.

The Team's Research Agenda

Includes work with an air filtration device, cellular biology experiments and a robotic swarm of self-assembling tiles that will be of special interest to future astronauts.

With The Picture-Perfect Liftoff

The crew officially began a 10-day journey that will include eight days aboard the International Space Station.

The Research Builds

On a previous test aboard the station that saw seven tiles assemble in microgravity

This Iteration Of The Experiment

Will involve using a set of tiles that work with Raspberry Pi controllers; they'll be released in an aisleway of the ISS to self-assemble.

SpaceX Launched The  Mission To The ISS

First Fully Private