The Strawberry Supermoon  Week

Will Brighten Skies This

June's full moon

 popularly nicknamed the Strawberry Moon – will ripen in Earth's skies on Tuesday (June 14).

The moon will reach its peak

around 8:00 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, but will also appear bright and full on Monday and Wednesday night.

As its nickname suggests,

this moon coincides with the summer strawberry harvest in North America

June moon nicknames include the

 Mead Moon or the Honey Moon, as the moon's appearance coincides with the honey harvest in Europe, according to NASA.

The term "honeymoon,"

now meaning any post-wedding vacation, may derive from an old custom of marrying in June

June's full moon will be the first

 of two consecutive supermoons, or full moons that orbit within 90% of their closest approach to Earth – a point known as perigee in astronomy.

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