There Is a Problem on the  Spacewalk for Astronauts

ISS. Nasa Suspends

The Space Agency Has Known

About this problem for a long time, and it threatens not only spacewalks, but also the lives of astronauts.

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NASA Has Decided To Suspend

Spacewalks for astronauts who are on the ISS due to the fact that water was detected in the helmet of the astronauts' spacesuits while outside the station.

Now NASA Continues To Investigate

Such incidents, the latest of which happened to the crew, who had already returned safely to Earth, according to Gizmodo.

NASA Still Uses Spacesuits That

Are more than 40 years old. Back in 2013, one of the first cases of water getting into an astronaut's spacesuit during a spacewalk was recorded.

Then Astronaut Luca Parmitano

Reported to Earth that 1.5 liters of water got into his helmet. Because of this, he had to end his spacewalk ahead of schedule.

Nasa : Hubble Space Telescope  Happening

Spots ‘Something Weird’