These Star-Forming Spirals 

ook Like Galactic Ufos

The Hubble Space 

Telescope captured what appears to be a galactic flying saucer floating in space.

The otherworldly image

 of IC 564 forms part of a pair of galactic oddballs called Arp 303, located about 275 million light-years away from us.

Arp members were originally 

chosen for their unusual galactic structure, which is easily visible with both IC 564 along with its companion, IC 563

Hubble officials are

 going through the back catalog of data to assist with forthcoming observations of the James Webb Space Telescope,

This latest image holds 

information from two separate Hubble observations. The first examined infrared light using the telescope's Wide Field Camera

 while the second was

 part of a survey of "bright, interesting galaxies" using Hubble's Advanced Camera for Surveys

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