This Mars Lander Will  of Hard Work

Soon Retire After 4 Years

It's Been A Busy Three And...

A half years for the InSight team, which is responsible for the Mars lander that’s been collecting seismic and geological information on the red planet.

Since The Lander Touched Down

On Mars in 2018, Caltech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists have watched it beam back a constant stream of data from its array of instruments

Last Week The Craft...

Picked up a magnitude 5 quake — the largest ever detected on another planet in our solar system.

A Few Days Later

InSight's available energy fell to a level limiting it to essential functions, signaling the impending end of its mission.

The Mission Has Lasted A Year

And a half longer than expected, but InSight's running out of power — because of the dust collecting on its solar panels.

It Will Soon...

Begin shutting down and go completely dark by the end of the year.

Nasa Is Investigating This  from Voyager 1

‘Mystery’ Data Coming