This Robot Chef Is  Cook Food Like a Human

Learning to Taste and

Researchers at the University

of Cambridge and appliance manufacturer Beko have teamed up to create a robotic chef that can cook up a perfect omelet

in the journal Frontiers in

 Robotics and AI, the researchers trained their “Iron Chef” to sample a dish while cooking, a skill they believe will help automated food preparation

In past experiments

 the robot created by the University of Cambridge and Beko team learned to make a passable omelet.

The robot then “tasted”

nine variations of the same dish but with the egg mixture blended to mimic the varying textures of the chewing process.

“We want the robots to understand

 the concept of taste, which will make them better cooks. In our experiment, the robot can ‘see’ the difference in the food as it’s chewed, which improves its ability to taste.”

The University of Cambridge

 researchers hope such a robot will be available in households and maybe even assisted living homes in the future.

So don’t expect this one-recipe

 short-order cook anytime soon. But for now, they're working on expanding its palate—a little less salt and eggs and a little more sweet and oily.