This Tiny Space Rock  Evidence of a Supernova

Might Be the 1st Physical

The Finding...

May have implications for existing theories about the solar system's origins.

A Space Rock Discovered More Than

Two decades ago may be the first physical evidence of a rare type of powerful stellar explosion called a Type Ia supernova.

In 1996, A Researcher Working In...

The Egyptian desert found a small pebble that scientists later determined was likely extraterrestrial in origin

As It Comprised

Mysterious mineral compounds found nowhere else on Earth.

Scientists Say They've Found That

This space rock — called the Hypatia stone — might be the first physical evidence of a Type Ia supernova, one of the most energetic phenomena in the universe.

The Team Built On Years Of Research

Including studies from 2013, 2015 and 2018 that indicated that the stone did not originate on Earth

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