Tom Cruise Iron Man Is  Armor & It Glows In Anger

Called The Endo-Sym

The Creator Has Spoken

Tom Cruise Iron-Man variant cameo called "The Superior Iron Man" Or by its official comic book name "The Endo-Sym Armor" is still not confirmed by the MCU itself (of Course) but we have logical explanation that actually make sense, including Hints from The Iron Man Creator Themselves. 

You Can Literally See Tom There

Rumors and Leaks left aside, you can literally see the variant "Superior Iron Man" glowing in anger in the super bowl trailer of Doctor Strange 2. If you zoom into it you may also find Tony's iconic beard there, as this version of Iron Man has no helmet instead a kind of infinity stone on his forehead.

The Reason Behind His Glow

Iron Man writer also hints at Tom Cruise cameo by tweeting about the superior Iron Man appearance - that this version is called the Endo-Sym armor, and it glows red-orange when he gets angry, he also shared that this version of tony also cured Daredevil's Blindness for once and took over the world with his virus disguised as an app.

Ultron & Illuminati Are More Reasons

The appearance of Ultron Bots capturing Dr. Strange and escorting him to a trail room, which seems like 'The Illuminati' of the MCU. Both hints towards existence of another Tony Stark, since Ultron are Tony's creation and Tony Stark founded The Illuminati in the first place. Matter of fact, A genius Tony is necessary to fight Inter-Dimensional Demons.

Illuminati Who?

MCU's Illuminati is similar to the real world Illuminati: A group of most powerful or most insightful beings across dimensions, founded by a Tony Stark of any one of the many universe to deal with major problems that threaten the well-being of other dimensions as well.

Professor X Will Make It In!

Professor X from X-Men also made his cameo in the trailer (but only with his voice and half sight of his bald head) when he quoted: "We Should Tell Him The Truth" during Dr. Strange's inter-dimensional trial. So we can expect a lot more cameo than just one, and who knows we may see a Ghost Rider too.

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