Tom Holland & Zendaya Bought Their First 

Home Together In UK

Just when you thought Zendaya and Tom Holland couldn't be cuter, the couple proves (yet again) that they are serious relationship goals.

Spidey & MJ Date In Real Life

According to a report by Mirror, Tom and Z are settling down in South West London, which is 4 miles away from the British actor's hometown. The 6-bedroom home is also located near the homes of other stars like Angelina Jolie, Sir Mick Jagger, and Venom star Tom Hardy.

Spidey Literally Lives With Venom

Tomdaya also have plans for some really cool renovations. Mirror reported that the pair hit up Tom's hometown in Jan to visit his parents and get keys to their new home, which includes a gym, movie theater, and a man cave. The UK outlet reports that it's worth £3 million, which is close to $4.1 million.

A Man Cave Is Must

A source also told Mirror that Tom is looking to get high-tech security and an "8-foot steel security gate on the drive" to protect himself and Z. Considering their hype, fans will try to break in more than any thief.

Security From The Fans Not Thieves

"They are over the moon about the property and getting their first home together. They are very much in love and wanted their first home to be in London where Tom grew up. Everyone is thrilled for them," source said. Though, fans seem more thrilled from almost the beginning of Tom Holland's Spider-Man

Fans Are More Thrilled Than Them

Love is very much in the air and it has Tomdaya written all over it. Once what was just rumor of Tom being in relation with Zendaya has become true, the fans sure went crazy after this.

Rumors Turned Reality

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