The World's Best Dark Matter 

Detector Whiffed on Its First Try

World’s Most Sensitive Dark Matter

Detector found no signs of hypothetical dark matter bits called Weakly Interacting Massive Particle (WIMPs) in space.

Dark Matter Is Thought to Make

Up 27 percent of the universe (the visible matter in stars and galaxies might only comprise 5 percent of it).

That Said, No One Has

Ever detected it. That’s because dark matter contains particles that do not emit, absorb, or reflect light

The Fact That It Doesn't

Emit, absorb, or reflect light, made it difficult to even measure with electromagnetic radiation.

But Physicists

And astronomers know dark matter exists because of the gravitational effects it has on visible objects,

Like Keeping Stars From

Slingshotting around space and preventing galaxies from collapsing. It is the invisible glue holding the universe together.

Nasa Condemns Russia's Use of 

Space Station for Propaganda